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Families. All the love, all the hugs, all the joy and wonder. All of you. Your whole world.

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Life stories of the beautiful, messy, and imperfectly perfect you.

Pause for a moment and imagine this:

It's late afternoon, there's a fresh breeze on your face, but the sun is warm on your back. You are having a good hair day, and you feel a little pretty. ( Yay, you!)

Your children are as wild as always, and they jump out of the car looking cute as buttons. They race each other and jump through the long grass. You chase them and sweep the littlest one up in your arms. You tickle and giggle with them.

You play games and tell exaggerated stories. Everyone is unplugged and in the moment.

Legs and limbs all in a tangle. Squeals of laughter. Joy! Real joy!

As the sunsets, you throw down a picnic blanket, cuddle with one another and watch the end of a beautiful day.


This is the style of portrait session that I love to create.

Fun family photos

Lifestyle portrait sessions are relaxed, fun, and a tad bit crazy. You won't need to worry about your children sitting still and complaining. Instead, you will play together, love on each other, and create new family memories. Whether you are homebodies who love to cuddle on the bed or adventurous souls, your portrait session will be tailored around what you love to do with the family. We can meet on the Northern Beaches at sunset, or a field filled with long grass in the Hills District or a secret beach on the harbour, Sydney has so many beautiful options. But in all honesty, the location matters less than your love, and capturing your whole-heart together in a beautiful portrait. 

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