A little about me...

Most days,

You find me chasing my 5 kids, coffee in one hand and camera in the other. A smile on my face as I capture the beauty that I see in my ordinary life. I am a motherhood photographer, a still-life photographer, a lifestyle photographer. I like to colour outside the lines and put images together that don't usually go together.  I am storyteller, a book reader, a cake baker, and a nature-lover.

On most days, I am a beautiful mess. 


“She brings a camera everywhere, notices the little things,
gets a cup of coffee at a different cafe, takes the long way home”.
{I am Her. M.H.Clark}



 A self-portrait of Sydney photographer, Cindy Cavanagh who loves to capture soulful and heart-felt family photos.

Living in the Hills...

We have been gypsies for the last twenty years; living by the ocean, by the river, in the city and the country. We lived in New Zealand, Brazil and we now find ourselves back in the Hills District of Sydney. We decided to pause our adventures to let our teenagers finish school, and so we will be here for a while. I somehow managed to find our home that looks out over gum trees and tree ferns; I am smitten with my daily view.

And because my adventurous soul gets restless sometimes, I love to explore and to visit all parts of Sydney for family sessions. My dream is to travel the world to capture the beautiful mess of motherhood and their families, so don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to come and play in your backyard, wherever that may be.






My creative heart

I am inspired by colour, light, emotion, nature, and motherhood. I love to create diptychs that tell an unexpected story. I created this series to celebrate all the loves in my life. Pop on over to see the COLOUR OF LIGHT series.