With brave wings she flies: Marnie's story


For me it was controlling my social life in reality and on line - my FB friends were monitored by him. I had to delete people and always fought about adding people he didn't know; female or male. He also stalked me through GPS for the first 3 years through messenger location and would message me ALL day seeing where I was. I put my foot down a year ago and he eventually let me turn my locations off... but would continue to message me throughout the day and sometimes FaceTime me to check the "surroundings" matched up with where I said I was.

I couldn't socialise with my friends , not even neighbours

Anything I did I would have to run by him. In the end I didn't do anything really cause it wasn't worth the arguing or I would have to time my questions well - and even then it was mostly always a no.


Mel, from Give and Take, has been talking to me for almost two years! She has held my hand the whole way and I am eternally grateful to her, she helped set us up in temporary housing and assisted me with the removalists. There are no dark clouds or gloomy feelings . I get to jump in the car with the kids and just go out anytime we like - the future looks amazing and it's like the door has opened up to opportunities left, right, and center.


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