With brave wings she flies: Heather's Story

Heather's Story

I became pregnant quite soon after we met and by the time the violence started I was already pregnant...he backhanded me in the nose causing bleeding and almost breaking my nose... as a result he was arrested, but I still stayed with him. FACS came to the hospital after I had an emergency cesarean and told me that I was unable to take my daughter home...after enquiries I was able to take her home after 6 days...but the violence continued... I left when my daughter was 6 weeks old....

My parents helped me to leave, along with friends who helped me pack up my home. I then lived with my parents for 3 months before moving out again with my daughter....Now I hope to raise an emotionally strong little girl..

With brave wings she flies. A project documenting the survivors of Domestic Violence. These beautiful and strong women have been helped from the darkness to the light by a village of people. Maybe these series will change how we see a victim of domestic violence by showcasing their faces in real moments of connection and emotion with their children.