The best compliment

We stood in an orchard. It was a warm day, the last blast of warmth before Autumn started. The sun was shining and we had our bags ready to pick apples. We had listened to the orchard owner's instructions about looking high in the branches as this was the last picking day and we may need to look a little harder.  

We walked up the slight hill to the top of the orchard between the rows of trees and we scanned the tops of the branches. We found our first one and picked it quickly. It was a little green and needed to stay on the branch a little longer, but the wonder in the moment was bubbling up and over.

I asked my daughter to stand still while I took a photo and went to take my camera out of the bag. She said:

" Mum, do you know why I love your photos?

You take really simple things and turn them into pretty pictures".

 I am pretty sure my creative heart burst open in the middle of the orchard. Her words are more important to me than any other compliment, award or recognition that I have ever received. She filled up my self-esteem with two short sentences and I felt like I was receiving the "Photographer of the Year" award. Her opinion and that of the rest of my family is beyond important to me. Their story, our story as a family, is why I take my camera on these outings. I want to document our world and show them the beauty that I see.

With her words, the seeds of doubt left me. They flew out across the apple orchard and into the mountain. I look at this simple photo of an apple and I smile. My creative heart is full.

Cindy CavanaghComment