Sydney Portrait Photographer: The travelling dress collaborative

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When Jyotsna created a collaborative group for the traveling dress, the vision she had in mind was to gather nine women who were hundreds and thousands of miles apart from each other, with completely different styles/voices, but yet come together to express how they see beauty, elegance, love, feminism, and ultimately strength through our art. The dress travelled to 5 states in the US as well as Spain, New Zealand, and to me in Australia

My time with the travelling dress was put on hold as it got lost in the post. ARGH! We waited for three weeks and thought it wasn't going to show up. We decided to order a new dress and start again in the United States. I went to the bottom of the list, and I had time to find my inspiration. Surprisingly, the first dress showed up six weeks later, and I was ready with my creative ideas.

I worked with my daughter on this project. She is 14 and changing before my eyes. We wanted to capture something very Australian and went to our favourite walking trail at sunset. The light was kissing the trees, and it was just us in this quiet space. It was a magical moment, and we added a hat and boots to the dress to create a look that captures my daughter's essence at the moment. In the images, I sometimes see the girl who is becoming a woman, and sometimes I see a girl playing dress-ups. My mama's heart is swooning!

Follow the circle to Jyo from Making Beautiful Memories Photography by clicking here. Her images are stunning and she was the coordinator of this project.


The creative photographers involved in the project were:

Jyotsna Bhamidipati (Group Leader)
Sacramento, CA, USA

Megan Boggs
Tulare, CA, USA
Wild Honey Photographer

Olga Levein
Auckland, New Zealand

Amber Talbert
Dallas, Texas, USA

Angee Manns
Ashland, Missouri, USA

Holly Nicole
Imlay City, Michigan

Sarah Gupta
Manhattan, New York

Sol Sanchez
Madrid, Spain


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