Sydney Hills District Family Lifestyle Photographer: The Zammit Family


Before they turn one, our little ones change and grow so much. They go from a wrinkly and squishy baby to a standing, smiling, and often a cheeky kind of monkey. We often think of these two times as wonderful windows to get newborn and family portraits, which I won't argue about with you. But can I suggest one more! How about the 6th-month mark? It's a fabulous time to document your baby before they stand and learn to run. They are calm, and content to sit in your arms. They cant go anywhere else, right? They don't' wiggle or squirm and try to explore. Instead, they nestle into your arms and receive your adoration with a gentle smile.

These were my thoughts during our family portrait session together with the Zammit family. We met at the Australian Botanical Garden in Mount Annan, Sydney. It was a gorgeous Autumn afternoon as we explored the natural and rustic gardens in this stunning location. It was a loving session as both parents adored their first born baby and were obviously proud of their family. So much so that when I said we didn't have an image with just them two together, the Mum and Dad shot, they both replied, " Oh, that's ok! There is no us without him". Oh, my heart! They are my kind of people.