Sydney Family Photographer: Moments that matter and the gift of my time

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It's not very often that I have one on one time with my children, especially for the whole day but that's what happened this week. I found a free day for just my youngest daughter and me. I thought of all the adventures we could have; exploring a new beach, walking through a historical museum, bowling or a family flick. But something told me to dig deeper than that and find something more.

I slept on it overnight and woke up with a brilliant idea {if I do say so myself}. I decided to give my daughter the gift of my time; no distractions or to-do lists. I thought about the activities she had previously asked me to do but I always had a reason to say "Not now". Whether it was editing a portrait session, too busy around the house, drop off or pickups, I had found reasons to ask her to wait. They were all valid at the time but I decided to say " Yes, let's do it now".  At the top of the list was baking a chocolate caramel slice, adding some pretty flowers to our garden, watching "Anne with an E " on Netflix, and shopping trips to get the necessary supplies. It was a full day and one that I kept reminding myself to not bash myself up about quality time with the kids but to be present when I do have time. I relished this wonderful day at home and I hope these images capture just a little bit of our joy.

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