outside the realm: letting go of the imaginary mother

Did you imagine the Mum you would be before your baby arrived and was she calm, organised, and on top of all things to do with motherhood?
Oh, I did, and even after 21 years and mothering, I am on top of nothing. I feel like a novice who is still growing, stretching, and learning. My biggest lesson came just recently when I realised that I needed to let go of the imaginary Mum that I thought I'd be and accept the one that I am. It was the biggest aha moment, and one day I will write the words that led to this moment, but for now, I feel so much stronger with this acceptance. I feel lighter and free to be me.
Mama's, wherever you are on your journey, accepting who you are and how you mother is the best gift you can give to yourself. Allow yourself to be you, not the imaginary Mum you thought you'd be, and being a good Mum ( not the perfect one) comes so much easier. This I know for sure!
And to all the Mums who have let me weave their tale of motherhood with images and words, I thank you. #cindycavanagh #sydneyphotographer #motherhoodphotographer