newborn photographer sydney. Baby M at home


In-home newborn sessions are a personal favourite. I often hear from new parents that their home is too small, too dark, or not a show home. And that’s the very reason that I love it. As we grow and the family grows, we move to bigger and better homes. That first flat/apartment/home becomes a memory; one that the kids don’t remember but is part of the story. And they love to know these details and to see photos of themselves when they were little and where you used to live.

These in-home sessions also reflect who you are at the moment; your taste, your likes, and your loves. This too will change with time, and one day you may laugh or shudder at your style. But you will also feel proud of for how far you have come, and what you now have to give your family. These are the details that we forget, but photos are the best memory keepers and years from now they will fill you with nostalgia.

Baby M and her smitten parents have every right to feel proud of this stage of their life. It’s a beautiful chapter in their story. And hand on heart, it was an absolute pleasure to document this for them.

Cindy CavanaghComment