Motherhood Photographer/Moments that Matter - April

Hand on heart, this month has been a struggle. I really wanted to curl up in a ball and let someone else be the adult. I have been dealing with health issues and spent more time than usual at the doctor's office. It's all minor problems and I have a plan to feel better and stronger. Then I fell, flat on my face, while bushwalking. There was blood everywhere and it involved another trip to the doctors. I look like a toddler who is learning to walk with bumps and bruises all over my face and hands. Once again, I need to hit reset and start my plan to feel stronger. 

Honestly, when I sat down to look through the images that I have captured this month, I wasn't expecting to find much. I have taken fewer images this month, and my creativity has been a flat line.  But I was quietly surprised. Even when I felt emotionally flat my eyes have been seeing beauty, colour and light in my every day. I may not have felt my usual jump-out-if-skin inspired, but I have been immersing myself in the beauty around me. I felt a lift when I saw these images. I wasn't grasping at straws to find a collection of images; I had created a collection without forcing it. I love this even more. My photography journey continues to shine a light on my life and teach me each and every day.

Now follow the circle to Janine and see the moments that matter to her.

girl walks in a field with afternoon light