maternity photographer sydney: Karen


That we were there beside our girls, full of love and admiration for them.

One of the questions I ask my clients before their family photo session is: "What do you want to remember about this time in your life?" The answers vary greatly and reflect each family as they are, and at this moment. I use their replies to create a session that mirrors the words, and in Karen's maternity session, I tried to capture images of her together with her girls. I loved her words "besides our girls", not in front or behind, but besides. Her answer felt very organic, real, and authentic.

Karen's family spent the last two years living in Singapore. She found out she was expecting their third baby as they were returning to Sydney. And it's been a big year, moving countries, establishing a new home, and taking their girls on small adventures around their new to them "hometown".

On the week of our session, their shipping container of furniture and belongings arrived, and they’d spent a hectic week unpacking. And this walk in the bush was a spot of freedom, a break from the boxes and moving furniture. If you've ever moved house, you know how everyone gets a little stir crazy. I felt their need for a moment of carefree, and let the bush do its magic. They unravelled in the quiet, and the chaos seemed to float away in the breeze. Maybe I imagined it, but it felt like they'd found their way back home again.

Cindy CavanaghComment