Make the artist {home}

“We must first make the artist before we make the art. Out of nothing nothing comes.

About two years ago, maybe more,
I felt lost in my creative heart,
unsure of what I had to say or even contribute to the conversation.
I sat down with a massive piece of blanket paper
and listed all my loves, likes, inspirations, passions, curiosities,
I filled the empty page with words and scribble.
A process over days. It was every little thing.
I then grouped these under three words: HOME, HEART, ADVENTURE.

I decided to break these down and share my thoughts on these three words. They are not the usual "three words to describe your style" for me and guide my creativity, my voice, my day. Each word is a tree with many branches and roots. Whenever I feel lost, and start to drift, I pull myself back to these words. They are my anchor, and my why. They are me.

Home is my calm, my ordinary, my daily fuel. It is the dripping tap that fills my cup. The clothes that I wear, the books that I read, and the dinners that I make. It is flowers in a vase, and candles that smell like the beach. It is collecting seashells on holidays, and long walks down a bush track. It is the coffee at my favourite cafe and the music that I dance to when no-one is watching. It is sitting in the sun on a chilly day and feeling the warmth on my shoulders or watching the breeze through the gum leaves or the washing on a warm summers day. It is visiting the local farmers market and making a special brunch for my loved ones. It's movie nights on the couch or reading together snuggled in our bed. It is cupcakes and brownies. Salad and soups. It's sunrise and sunset; and the light dancing on the wall at the end of a long day.

It's the little things that we often ignore in the rush of the day. I've learnt to pay attention and to be mindful of its beauty. It fills my soul, my creative heart. I am nurturing myself, my creativity, and being kind to me. I won't lie. Some days I struggle, and it can be the smallest gift that I give to myself, like 5 minutes of calm before going to bed. It can feel like a mere drop in an ocean of chaos, but I've learnt that every little drip counts in a making a ripple of calm.

This is my "Home". It's so much more than the four walls we live in.