Hills District Lifestyle Photographer/30 minutes in the life Feb

Freelensed image of the Boardwalk at Balmoral Beach, Sydney, by Cindy Cavanagh

We woke up on Sunday morning and found the forecast was for another super hot day in Sydney. It has been a crazy hot summer. We decided the best way to deal with the heat was a visit to the beach, but we were slow moving. We mosied rather than rushed and found it was closer to lunch than breakfast by the time we arrived. The beach traffic was crazy, and I needed to park away from the beach to find a spot. I enjoyed a 15-minute walk down the hill and so by the time I laid my towel on the hot sand, I was questioning our decision. The beach was crowded, and it was uncomfortably hot. There was no sea breeze, and within 10 minutes I was ready to return home. Of course my girls wanted to stay, and I needed to distract myself, turn my mood around. I followed them out to the pier and watched as they jumped into the deep green water. I was surprised to see how comfortable they were jumping into the water. Their sense of freedom and joy shifted my mood. They encouraged Grace to participate and protected her when she did.  I saw the strength of their sisterhood, and I knew this was the reason that I was at the beach on a 40C day.

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Two sisters jump from the pier into the water at Balmoral, Sydney by Cindy Cavanagh