#herwildandpreciouslife: week18

(248) washing the car,
buckets of water,
pretty light, and
dancing shadows.
Sunday afternoon looks wonderful from the passenger seat.


(247) Hello lovely people!
It's me, Cindy.
Sometimes called Cind,
Mrs Cavanagh.
Mostly, I'm called Mum.
My mama's heart swoons when my kids see a photo of themselves and they say "I like that one". My youngest took this one, and she captured love in my eyes. And so I say to her "I like that one!"


(246) sometimes, a thought wraps itself around you.
It sits with you,
wakes you up with words,
encourages you to make images,
and tell a story.
"Motherhood is an act of slowness" is just that. A thought that became a story; there's magic in the ordinary.


(245)When my babies were little,
I'd stay up late,
5 minutes of peace,
a moment of quiet,
Now, they are older,
I wake up early,
5 minutes of peace,
a moment of quiet,
Motherhood is ever changing.
What we do tomorrow isn't the same today.
No way is right or wrong.
It's just how we get through each day,
Feeling a little bit sane.



she asked to go to the art gallery,
my heart swooned,
she walked into the vast foyer,
looked over her shoulder at me,
and said, " I love that feeling when you walk in the door. It's peaceful."
she's hooked.
now, I can watch her fly.


243 washing on the line

family photography sydney cindy cavanagh-9159b.jpg

(242) out at breakie

family photography sydney cindy cavanagh-9147b.jpg