#herwildandpreciouslife: week 25


I just finshed the most wonderful book by Heather Harpman. "Happiness: How to Build a Family Out of Love and Spare Parts" is heartbreaking, funny, quirky, and tells a true story about motherhood; one she never imagined. I felt like I was in a long conversation with my girlfriend rather than reading words on a page. I stayed up way too late to finish it, and today I want to call her to say hi! This idea of the imaginary Mum is being sent to me via a number of different sources. I'm not sure what to do with it just yet but it's there and I can see it.


(207) Happy Mother’s Day



Looking through the back end of the blog yesterday, and found out the most popular post so far this year is this one. EEK! Happy dancing. It combines my two loves of creativity and motherhood. They go so well together, and yet it is self-doubt that stops me from doing it more. Why is it we put the hand brakes on for the things we love to do?


(205) on the boardwalk


(204)gum nuts and gumflowers


(203) tiny flowers in your hands


(202) the best spot to catch the afternoon sun