#herwildandpreciouslife: week 24

(215) Today, I woke up feeling like I forgot something.
It bugged me all morning,
through my coffee and toast,
during the school drop-off,
and as I pushed the trolley around the supermarket.
Then all of the pink signs came into focus,
and I realised it is Mother's Day this week.
My heart sank.
My Mum has gone on a month long European holiday, and I forgot to say "Happy Mother's day" before she left.
I know it seems small, but I feel like I haven't been the best daughter lately.
I feel like I am treading water as I mother to 5 gorgeous, healthy, and busy souls.
as the waves keep rolling over me,
and my busyness grows
I keep thinking "I'll call tomorrow!"
And it's not just my Mum that I am failing,
but my friends as well.
I know I have been swept up in my world,
dealing with the bliss of raising teenagers,
and I keep thinking "I'll do that tomorrow".
I'm a beautiful mess,
I sometimes get lost in my world,
and I promise I will give you a heartfelt hug the next time that I see you.

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The joy of small things. A good coffee, Anzac biscuits, gum leaves picked from the neighbours front yard, notebooks to write and plan. Finding my creative heart flourishes in these quiet moments.


(209) @chloelodgephotographer and I decided to enter our combined work into the @headonphotofest l competition in Sydney. We were awarded a place as a semi-finalist and included in the slideshow at the finalist exhibition in Paddington. Yesterday, I went to see our image and was blindsided by a wave of pride as our image popped up on the screen. The whole exhibition inspired these words and feelings.

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