#herwildandpreciouslife: week 21

(237) My boys! My heart! My love for them has changed over the years. It's grown from one of protection and care to one of complete adoration and admiration. It's so wonderful to watch from the sidelines and cheer them on.


(236) group hug


(235) Sunday bushwalk


(234) an afternoon in the sun,
painting your nails,
while the warmth covered your back like a blanket.
I watch in wonder and remember my own afternoons spent this way.
you are learning the art of preening,
taking care of yourself,
looking good in the mirror,
and it reminds me to do the same.
I'd fallen into the habit of messy buns, and yoga pants,
too busy to care,
or so I told myself,
I've just forgotten to look in the mirror for a while there
and watching you in this light awoke something that had been asleep for a while. ME!


(232) Spice Alley


(231) splash


(230) part of something bigger

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