#herwildandpreciouslife: week 20

(234) This smile!
Its shared with her Dad!
He adores her, and the feeling is oh, so mutual.
Dads and their daughters!
It's a beautiful thing.


(233) 5 more minutes.
I re-built my website by saying this to myself. Hours and days of work. I started out doing a few minor tweaks but quickly realised this website didn't have my heart. It was filled with work that I felt I should share rather than what I love to create. So, I started again and have completely changed the whole set-up. I've included all my work; freelensed, still-life, lifestyle, portraits, and my personal projects. I plan to do more writing about motherhood and creativity, and I have created a place to come and reflect. I have loads of words bouncing around in my head, and now I have a place to share that is tangible.


(232) the adventure begins


231 ( sunday morning cartoons)


(230) out and about


(229) impressed ?


(228) hotel room

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