#herwildandpreciouslife: week 19

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I'm working on updating my website, and for the first time, I'm highlighting some of my still life work. It's got me thinking about why I started still life, and why I'm drawn to these images. My passion began with cookbooks, especially the Donna Hay books. I loved how the photos looked alive and real, just like someone had stepped away for a moment. It's something that I try to create in my own work. But underneath this and further down, hidden under a pile of "it will never happen thoughts" is my own cookbook filled with images and stories about my family and friends. I've had this idea for years before I even started photography, a book that is filled with the recipes from my tribe of loved ones and their stories along with beautiful photos. Something from me, about them, to my future family. Maybe it's time to start!


(240) we've reached that part of the holidays
when we no longer know what day it is,
and the date isn't fixed in our mind,
when the days are fluid,
It's the best part, the part I love the most,
and I know our routine waits for us,
just around the corner,
but for now, she can wait.


(239) that smile

family photography sydney cindy cavanagh-9132b.jpg

(238) funfetti

family photography sydney cindy cavanagh-7920b.jpg

(237) freckles


( 236)you can do a thousand little jobs in a day;
pick up socks,
fold towels,
make beds,
wash dishes,
hang sheets on the line.
and you are saying in a thousand ways,
this is our safe place to fall,
this is our home.
you are loved.
you matter to me!

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(235) seagulls

family photography sydney cindy cavanagh-4098b.jpg
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