herwilandpreciouslife: week 14

276 I'm doubled over, hands on knees, and every cell is screaming for air, but I can't pull in enough.
"Mum! Mum! Mum!", you say with delight and joy,
"That was awesome. You ran so far, and I can't believe how fast you were running'. Wow! Good job, Mum."
My heart bursts! Our roles have switched as you become the cheerleader, encouraging me to keep going. It's humbling, and a little scary, to be playing in the arena rather than on the sideline. It's a role that I have hidden behind, to be the support crew, and now I am stepping up and out. And the words that have kept me going are "I am worthy"

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275 β€œthe last day of summer
a new season awaits; our favourite one
cooler nights and shorter days
boots, jeans, and a comfy sweater.
I'm ready for the change; to follow mother-nature.
but let's breathe in the summer air one last time.
moments. memories. my heart is bursting.
adventures, laughter, and complete silliness.
sandy toes, wind in our hair, long walks
our happy place. It's been wonderful. β€œ

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274 ( smothered with love )

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273 ( watermelon)

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272 (cupcakes)

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271 ( I am becoming)


270 (I'm not present in the frame,
but my soul is in the photograph.
There are layers of you,
and layers of me.
It's a dance with light and colours,
wrapped with moments of us.
It's our flow, and I love it wildly.

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