family photos sydney: the s family.

“later in the afternoon,

we walk to what we call our 'secret' beach.

It's a beach you can only get to in low tide,

and we like to think it is all ours.” Sarah

We created this session around their favourite way to spend a day. Sarah gave me such wonderful answers to my pre-session questionnaire that I felt I knew the family before I arrived. They were everything she said, and this wild at heart family were such fun. And the session ended with the boys in the water doing a nudie run, and I knew this was not just a family portrait session but a memory.

Afterwards, Sarah sent me this lovely message:

“Oh Cindy! These are so beautiful and you really capture the essence of each individual. I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful images.  Really so incredibly special! The whole experience has been so amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”