family photos sydney- the carey family


When Ana asked if I was a dog person, I never thought her idea was to include their two german-shepards in the family portrait session. But I am so glad she thought to ask. These gorgeous, slightly crazy dogs, added another layer of family that only comes from pets. They are our fur-babies, our first children, and they teach us many lessons. So including our pets in a lifestyle family session is a wonderful idea.

We met at a dog-friendly park by the harbour just as the sun was setting. There was a gentle breeze and the first sign that spring was on its way. They played on the sandy shore as the waves rippled on the background. We stayed until there sweet baby boy was ready for his next feed, as he was such a contented little one.

It was more like a beautiful casual afternoon with a loving family than a portrait session. These are my kind of people and I truly love my job!

Cindy CavanaghComment