family photographer sydney: life in a jiffy

I often use the words "in-between moments" to describe my work, but today it feels so blah. I'm not a writer, but I do love words and stories. I went looking for a better description than "moment" and found "jiffy" and "twinkling". Both of these made me smile because my days are overflowing with jiffies and twinkles. They blend into one another, and I'm not sure where one starts, and another one ends. But this jiffy, this twinkling is a favourite. Four of my five kids walking together; not in a straight line but in a chaotic, disorderly way. Childhood is never a straight line or an in-between moment. It's a twinkling that vanishes all too quickly.

Are you looking for fun family photos that capture the twinkling before it disappears? A sunrise session on the Northern Beaches of Sydney? A sunset session in the long grass in the Hills District of Sydney. I’d love to chat with you!