Birthday Giveaway: the handmade collection

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Hello, Lovelies!

For my birthday, I wanted to pay it forward; to share the joy and give back. I love to give back with my photography business, and I’ve been involved in a domestic violence project plus a Mother’s Day campaign. This year, I’ve been a bit slack, and I don’t want to end the year without sharing my heart with a giveaway. I recently received a gift from another photographer, and it made my day. It gave me all the happy feels. It felt lovely to receive this gift, and it reminded me to share this feeling forward. So, it’s a simple rafflecopter giveaway with easy requests to complete to enter the competition. It takes you 30 seconds to enter; that’s it. The competition is open until Thursday, 29th of November at 8pm. It’s short and sweet….just like me :-)

What can you win? I am giving away two family lifestyle family sessions.

One for you, and one for a friend.

Or one for you, and one for your sister, brother, or cousin.

Or one for you, and one for someone who you know has not had the best day/week/month/year. Someone who could do with a little joy.

Besides the session, you will receive my new product for 2019 - the handmade collection. This handmade collection is 10-15 digital images which have been entirely hand-edited to create a soulful story. They are dreamy light-filled images that capture the details and all the emotions. It’s is something that I hope you will treasure for years to come. I will share more about the details of my handmade collection later, but you can see a sample of a series that I created last week with my daughters.

Keep scrolling to enter the giveaway!

I will be announcing the winner on Friday morning. Of course, share the giveaway if you feel so inclined.


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