30 minutes in the life: Playing on the Beach

Sometimes the best moments on holidays are the unplanned ones. The moments when you decide to build sandcastles on the beach and walk out the door with nothing more than a bucket and spade. Along the way, we found a flowering frangipani tree, and you decide to collect the flowers as decorations for your castles. You filled your bucket with flowers, and they become the object of our trip to the beach. Instead of sandcastles, you decided to decorate the whole beach.

It was a spontaneous moment. One that was filled with your singing and dancing while I watched you. I was mesmerised by your joy and natural ability to connect with nature. We had been on holidays for less than 24 hours, but you had shed the stresses of school so quickly. I took a little longer, and I knew I had to be more like you.

These moments are fleeting, and the reason that I carry my big girl camera with me everywhere. I want to remember this moment always. We were both in a happy place, and it was one of the best moments on our vacation.