30 minutes in the life: November

Sydney lifestyle photographer - Cindy Cavanagh

Motherhood is a balancing act. Sometimes we get out of whack; we lean more to the left than to the right. We get into the habit of saying "No". The requests feel endless and the "No!" comes out before they have even finished. It is easier some days...or weeks. I was stuck like a sticky record on a record player. I drew a line in the sand. I was now saying 'yes!". It was hard...damn hard. But I told myself to wait; wait before I replied. Every cell was ready to say no but I pushed pass this. I listened not to the request but what they really wanted. They wanted time with me. They wanted me to play with them. They wanted my attention. They wanted a spontaneous Mum who stopped by the side of a road for dessert after a crazy week. 

This is my 30 minutes after I said "Yes!" to being the Mum who listens. In that moment we ate Knafeh, a Jerusalem street food, on a grassy hill as the sun set behind the trees. I realised "Yes!" was a much better way to end the day.

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