Moments that Matter: August

This is 9. This is you a week before you turned 9. It has flown so fast. I am feeling time running away from me. I am feeling lost that my baby...the 9. I am in love with the beautiful person you are. I marvel at you each day. Your laughter fills the walls in our home. Your kind words fill my heart with love. You have a special relationship with each of your siblings. You somehow manage to connect with all of them, even though there is 9 years between you and your big brother. They baby you and stretch you at the same time. Somehow, you flow as they cuddle or push you. The mistakes that I made with them, I have learnt from. I have made new mistakes with you but I know how to apologise whenever I do. You always accept my apologies. Your heart is filled with love as you are much adored. But you give that love straight back. You could easily be selfish and stubborn but you are not. You know how to voice your opinion and you give it loud. You know how to escape the chores and smile when you get called back to do your fair share. You know when someone is sad and sit quietly with them. You dance, you sing, you make enough noise for the neighbours to hear. You are messy, forgetful and unorganised...then I remember that you are 9. While this crazy life moves fast through the years, I paused. I wanted to capture you as you are today. To celebrate you in your ninth year. To remember these moments before we steamroll into the teenage years. These moments of laughter, reflection, connection and emotion. All of the moments that matter to me and you.

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