moments that matter July

Children baking in the kitchen. Sydney photographer, Cindy Cavanagh

This month did not start very well. I received a call from school to say that my daughter wasn't feeling well. After I collected her from school, she complained of a stomach ache. I gave her some panadol within 3 minutes she ran to the bathroom. We had a stomach virus and for the next week it went through 5 out of 7 members of my family. It was terrible and the worst part was it was the start of the school holidays.  We didn't go anywhere for a week. We were in lock down and quarantine. Oh happy days!

Family photography in Sydney by Cindy Cavanagh. A mother and daughter baking in the kitchen.

On about day 5, I suggested we make an afternoon tea. To make little sandwiches, slices of fruit, gingerbread man, brownies with hot chocolate and coffee. It really was just my attempt to keep the healthy busy. We cooked, baked and created a mess all day. Normally, when I document our family, I am conscious to remove the mess and the distractions. But on this day I didn't.

Sydney lifestyle photography by Cindy Cavanagh. Girl at the kitchen table

This is our crazy and chaotic family on an ordinary day. We enjoyed this moment of working together and connecting in the kitchen. We set the table with flowers, place mats and pretty plates. I even put the timer on my camera to show that I am part of the story. This is my motherhood story as much as my children's childhood story. I am conscious that I am not in the picture enough, and I am concerned about my appearance or that my that my hair is messy if I do. But as I invite other Mums to share their motherhood story, I have to dare greatly and share my own story first. My children will not remember how I looked. They will not remember the mess kitchen. They will remember this moment, the moment of sharing an afternoon tea on a cold day in winter. This is what matters.

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Mother and daughter in the lounge room.  Photographer in Sydney, Cindy Cavanagh
sisters drawing on a window. lifestyle family photography in Sydney
Sisters drawing in the lounge room. Lifestyle photography by Cindy Cavanagh