Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy

Last week was crazy busy for me. The latest edition of the Long Way Home was released. The two weeks prior were filled with busy days and late nights. The were articles to proof, and re-proof. There were model releases to send out and sign. There was marketing material to create and share. There were emails, conversations, and editing to complete. I walk around with bags under my eyes and a crazed look on my face. My mind was a buzz.

On top of this, there was a sick family to nurture and homework for Cris Stephen's workshop. But guess what? I LOVE IT!


I am enjoying this creative life. My mind is busy. My heart is full. "I am the weirdo who dares to enjoy". I see in FB groups photographers complaining about editing and customers. I see artists who want more business. I see creatives who are scared to step out of the box and create with a full heart. I see martyrs who want to live a creative life but are not enjoying it. I know what this looks like because I was the martyr. I wanted more business and more likes on Facebook. I wanted better reach and clients who always referred. I wanted clients period. I wasn't happy and I wasn't enjoying this creative life that I had longed for most of my life.

After reading the "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert, I decided to enjoy. If I wasn't going to enjoy this life, why do it? Why hang around to feel like I was not good enough? Why not do something else and move on. I couldn't let go of my desire to live this life, even though I came very close. I felt a fear that I can't describe. I knew it was the wrong decision to move on. So I stayed!  But I stayed knowing that I had to hit reset. I had to clear my thoughts of this negativity and open my heart to really enjoying this life. That is what I am doing. I sometimes fall into old habits but I pause and reset. I do something creative and remember to enjoy.

How does this help you? Well I encourage you to look at your thinking? Are you enjoying your creative life? Are your bursting at the seems with ideas to try? Are your days filled with wonderful projects? Are you free to nurture your sick family and complete your creative duties at the same time? Are you approaching each day with a full heart? If not, then hit reset. Pause and see if this is the life you want. Reflect on what you have and what you need to give up to have this life. It is so much easier to let go of the negative thinking and be the creative person you want to be.

If yes, then join me in being the weirdo who dares to enjoy. Share your joy and create!


Cindy CavanaghComment