#yourmotherhoodstory: Eryn

Eryn is a strong women. She is a personal trainer for her business "Mummy Physiques" but it is more than that. She became a single mum only one month into her pregnancy,  and having no family around her, it made her realise she can do anything. She went through some real tough times alone and now feels empowered by what she went through. Her inner strength shines through in her love for her son. She is grateful to him for making her life so much better. She'd never felt love like this. Not until the day Tyler was born.

Our bond is truly so special. He can make a bad day completely disappear with his beautiful smile and cheeky comments.

Her strength also stems from her own Mum. She has dealt with life's up and downs and is the bubbliest,  happy go lucky person. Her Mum is always smiling! These lessons we learn from our own Mum are so important. We may not know it at the time, but we see their strength and use it when we need it. Eryn hopes Tyler will know this as he gets older.

She is now married, and celebrates each day with her beautiful family. Tyler and his step father, Brad, have a strong connection.  Their love is just so special- any man can be a father but it takes someone very special to be a loving step dad.