moments that matter June 2016

On the spur of the moment, we organised a weekend away. We told the kids on Friday afternoon to pack a bag as we were going away first thing in the morning. There was confusion, excitement and much last minute organization. It was a short trip, only a 90 minute drive. We stayed one night and used the break to celebrated my husband's upcoming birthday. It was a weekend where we played, rested, laughed, drank hot chocolates, build sandcastles and chased waves. The beach in winter is very peaceful. It is the perfect way to connect with nature and recharge the batteries.

As Sunday afternoon rolled around all too quickly, we all felt the need to stay longer. However, we packed up to drive the short distance back to Sydney. As we drove down the motorway, I noticed that we were all calm. The short break had cleared away the chaos and we all chatted quietly. It was the perfect break for our family and these are the moments that matter. 

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