#yourmotherhoodstory: Rachel

Rachel is a beautiful soul. Her laughter fills the room. She is not precious but she is a fighter. She has to be. Her family deals with more than others on an average day. They have three children and all are of equal importance, however one requires more attention. Cameron has severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy and low vision. She is his primary carer and sleeps with him every night just to ensure that he stays alive as he has night seizures. But you wouldn't know it when you meet her. Rachel carries herself with grace. She puts all of her available energy into her family. She doesn't sweat the small stuff. There is nothing too hard and she takes everything in her stride. She relishes every day she has with her children.

"Be thankful for everyday, its a day to learn, love, laugh."

Of course, she sheds tears. She fights for the emotional and healthcare of her son. She cries at traffic lights and she fears losing her son earlier than she wants. Yet, they don't wrap Cameron in cotton wool. They engaged with him in conversation and idle chatter; he responds with his eyes and smiles that light up the sky. They push him off-road into the chicken coup. They help him feed the chickens and show him the eggs they find. They gently touch him as they walk past. He smiles.

There is a real sense of normal in this family. They may have the "highest highs with Cameron & the lowest lows". But they have dancing, swimming, movies, cuddles and laughter. They have girls with attitude who are creative and caring. They have a "relationship that is real and strong". Rachel hopes her daughters grow up knowing they were cared for equally even though they are siblings of a special need. Balance is important to her and she is doing her best to achieve it. She is brave, courageous and very deserving of this pamper session organized by local Hills District Business Mums. 

Hair: Karin of Karin Murton Hair Design 

Make-up: Kirsty of Kirsty Watts Makeup Artist

Clothing: Emily and Rose Boutiques 

Rouse Hill House Farm: Sydney Living Musuems provided the venue for the photo shoot.

Photography:  That is me.