30minutesinthelife: Let's climb a tree

Recently, while driving in the car, you announced, "I miss the trees in Brazil". It was left of field and out of nowhere. I asked why and reminded me of your memories of climbing the mango trees. You remembered it with such joy and the details were so vivid. You talked like you were in a dream. You said the trees here are different and not so great to climb. I was grateful that you had these memories of our time living in Brazil, and yet sad that you didn't have this connection here. I replied that I understood and I remembered the fun we had in the mango trees. I also felt there are trees to climb here but maybe we weren't looking hard enough.  Maybe if we opened our eyes, we would find a tree worth climbing.

A week, maybe two, went past. We then found a new park to visit, which I blogged about here. It was at the end of playing on the swing, that you looked up and said, "Can we climb that tree?". So, I helped you both climb up the tree. You wrote your names in the bark and watched the sunset. I was so immersed in capturing the moment. I was watching the light and your joy that I almost missed the connection to our previous conversation. It wasn't until you climbed down the tree with a big smile on your face that I saw the real happiness in your face. I gave you a hug and you whispered, " I found my tree". My heart melted. I smiled and walked home with a full heart. It is these moments that I want to remember. Your story that is my story. Our creation of words, art, and moments.

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