#yourmotherhoodstory: Kirst & Leah

Has motherhood changed your relationship with your sister? Do you feel a deeper connection with your sister now that you are both riding the highs and lows of being a Mum. Is she your go to person?

For Kirst and Leah, this is most definitely their story. They are separated in age by 6 years but they started their motherhood journey 9 months apart. It created a bond that never existed before. They have built a family which is two that is intertwined as one. There is no separation of my children/your children. There are 6 children in total, ranging from 2 to 11 years old. The children are cousins that relate as siblings. It is unique and beautiful. The children attend the same school, they are even in the same class. They play together yet have their own friends as well. They are a pack, they look after each other. This is the love that has been created by Kirst and Leah.

Kirst and Leah run the school uniform shop.  They support each other in the drop off and pick up. They are a friendly face in a busy playground.  They help us Mums keep our diaries full and filled with the right details. They are a force at school. This is their motherhood story. 

Cindy Cavanagh