10th of Jan: she is a purple carrot

Lately, she feels like she is a purple carrot in a world filled with orange carrots. Well not lately, she always felt like a purple carrot. Not the different that is unique or original but the kind that is little weird and outside of the box. The kind that causes you to screw up your nose and say, "Why would you want to be a purple carrot?" It never bothered her to be outside of the box with her big family and travelling the world for work. It was their story, and she loved it. But lately, with her art, she feels the need to be loved. She wants her work to mean something. She wants to show the beauty and cause you to inspire. She wants to sing her song and have others sing along with her. It's a big dream, and she is just one little purple carrot. She needs more purple carrots in her life and is searching to find her bunch. Are you a purple carrot?

A girl holding a bunch or purple carrots by Sydney photographer, Cindy Cavanagh.