Sydney Hills District Family and Newborn Photographer
 A tangled mess of arms and legs in a natural family portrait, Northern Beaches, Sydney.
 Hills District Family photographer, Cindy Cavanagh, captures the chaos and laughter with a natural flare.

Life stories of the beautiful,

messy, and perfectly imperfect you.

Portraits of Motherhood, Maternity, Newborns and Family




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"I am your quiet space.

You are my wild."

 A chaos of laughter as Mum and her three daughters hugs each other until they fall over. A fun motherhood portrait in the Hills District, Sydney, by Cindy Cavanagh.

Oh, hey Mama,

My guess is that you are stealing a quiet moment, sipping on cold coffee, and wearing yoga pants with a messy bun.

The moments feel fleeting and life feels like it is on fast forward.

The kids are growing, changing before your eyes, and you want to remember all of the details before they fade.

You love them fiercely. These crazy, chaotic, messy, beautiful loves of your life.

You and your partner are beyond proud of what you have achieved, and yet there no recent photos of you all.

It's been ages! Since the kids were little.

It's time to get in the frame, and collect this moment. It's time to hug them tight, love with your whole-heart and be unplugged.

And when the photos come back, oh your heart! It will be filled with love for these crazies,; your tribe. Your whole world!



 Sydney Lifestyle Photographer, based in the Hills District. A self-portrait capturing the calm in the chaos.

Like you, I am a mother ...

I am a Mum to 5.

I collect our moments with my camera.

I tell our story not with words, but with photos.

I love the calm yet live with chaos.

I love the in-between moments and see beauty in the ordinary.

I love photography, and my heart is capturing families in all of their beautiful chaos.

Most days, I am a beautiful mess.





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 Hills District Motherhood photographer, Cindy Cavanagh, captures real emotion and connection in her lifestyle portrait sessions

Kind words ...

Cindy I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job you did capturing the beautiful mess that is motherhood, for me and my daughter.  Your gentle nature and keen eye for photography has resulted in memories that I can forever cherish. I will be highly recommending you to all of my family and friends.  Michelle.





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