You know this already! If you are anything like me, you are sitting in yoga pants, wearing a messy bun, sipping on a cold cup of coffee, and your children want your attention.

However when our little ones walk up to us and say, " Mum, I love you" followed by a wet kiss on the cheek, well our hearts melt. These are the fleeting moments in our everyday that feed our soul. They are the moments in motherhood that are beautiful. They are the calm in the chaos.

Motherhood has taught me to look for these moments in my day. My days are far from perfect but they are filled with moments of wonder. The are scattered throughout my day like bread crumbs.  Photography has taught me to preserve these moments and see the beauty in my everyday. I may feel like a mess most days but there are real and authentic moments in this mess when I look.


Pause for a moment....

Describe your ideal way to spend time your children.

What does that look like for you?

Beach, park, adventure, or cuddles in bed?

We are creating your motherhood session!


Let me say one more thing. I know it is hard to be in front of the camera and you would like to lose a few kilos. I know money is tight and you have bills to pay. I know your life is busy and you are waiting for the right moment. We tend to be more negative about ourselves but I read a wonderful suggestion the other day. They suggested we look back at our old photo albums from when you were young and look at your Mum. Do you see her faults or do you just see your Mum? I think it is important to remember this, that our children love us.  Motherhood is not perfect, in fact, it is perfectly imperfect.

Embrace this chaos and celebrate this love with a motherhood portrait session.

Your future self will love you for it.


"Thank you Cindy, for capturing what is truly priceless, my bond and connection with my boys.
You made us feel so comfortable to just be ourselves in front of your camera.
The fact that you captured us so naturally, will be something I will cherish forever and so will my whole family.
I will be forever grateful" - Polly

Motherhood: A beautiful mess sessions  {$490.00}


  • a lifestyle session of 45-60 minutes filled with joy and laughter filled moments in your home or at a location outside,

  • 15 beautifully edited images shared to you via online gallery with rights to print,

  • A 11 x 14 ultra thick print with a textured matte eggshell finish
     {travel outside of Sydney not included in this price) 

  • The option to upgrade to upgrade your package


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