Hi, I’m Cindy

Most days you find me chasing my 5 kids, coffee in one hand and camera in the other. I am a motherhood photographer, a still-life photographer, a lifestyle photographer. I’m in love with my ordinary life and chase wonder like other’s chase rainbows.I like to colour outside the lines and put images together that don't usually go together.  I am storyteller, a book reader, a cake baker, and a nature-lover.

Yes, I am my life is beautiful mess. My kids don’t perform for the camera, and I am not your “look at the camera and smile” kind of girl. I like a little bit of whimsy, a little bit of blur, and calmness in the chaos. I’m a lover of the perfectly imperfect, and that is what you will find in my art.

I want to give you wonder, magic, love, in a rectangle. I want to show you, through pictures, how hard you loved each other. I want to be your mirror and reflect what I see.

That is why I love to work with families and tell their story with lifestyle portraits. I love real and authentic portraits of families together; a tangled mess of arms and legs. Not forced or posed but natural family photos.


“She brings a camera everywhere, notices the little things,gets a cup of coffee at a different cafe, takes the long way home”.{I am Her. M.H.Clark}









My photography style

I am inspired by colour, light, emotion, nature, and motherhood. I love to create diptychs that tell an unexpected story. I created this series to celebrate all the loves in my life. Pop on over to see the COLOUR OF LIGHT series.