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Last year, I celebrated my 49th birthday by going camping with my family. As I lay in the tent, listening to the waves crash on the beach, I was flooded with doubt/concern as this is my last year in my forties. Most of the time, I can care less about my age but soon it will have a 5 in the front. Gah! I wondered how I could enjoy the last year in my 40’s rather than fear the one that's coming. These thoughts were bouncing around in my mind all weekend, and then it came to me. I decided to embrace this year, and put myself in the way of beauty. I'm decided to document my days, and find my calm. I'm attempting a 365 that's more of a count down to my 50th. I've never succeeded with a 365, but I am hoping this project will be different as the super talented Chloe Lodge is joining me over on Instagram. She is embracing her first year of living in NZ, and together we created the hashtag #herwildandpreciouslife if you want to follow along. You can also grab a coffee and peruse the blog posts below.