Calm in the Chaos

Creative Mentoring


Finding calm in the chaos...

At times our creative voice gets lost in the noise. We feel uninspired about our creations and feel overwhelmed by the journey. We create good work but we want something more. Our time together will help you uncover what inspires you. We will create a list of your inspirations and use it as a guide to stimulate your creativity. We will spend time looking through your portfolio, not as a critique, but to identify the images you love and to focus your attention on creating more. We will align your inspiration list to your portfolio and develop long-term strategies to keep you inspired. The mentoring is an open conversation where I am honest and vulnerable about my journey and is individually customised to help you find the calm in your chaos. 



- Access to a private Facebook group (just you and I) for 1 month

- Inspiration and creativity: Unravel your creativity and develop a defined list of inspiration

- Understanding what helps and hinders your creativity.

- Portfolio Review: Finding your strengths and weaknesses

- Creating your signature style and celebrate the artist within you. 

- Developing a creative strategy to implement over the next year. 

Price: $950

"I have begun to feel less swayed by trends, less influenced by the masses and although I look forward to having years of learning and growing still ahead of me I feel released and happier than I have in a long time with the way I see and translate the world into images. I now embrace sharing more as I feel I’m being honest with myself and not simply yearning for relatability and the award of that little red heart from those I’ve never met somewhere in the world scrolling through dozens of recently uploaded Instagram posts. Cindy quite simply helped me find the calm in my chaos, and for that I am truly grateful. " Chloe of Chloe Lodge Photographer

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