We must first make the artist before we make the art.
Out of nothing, nothing comes.
— David DuChemin

The ‘you’ in your photography

About two years ago, maybe more,
I felt lost in my creative heart,
unsure of what I had to say or even contribute to the conversation.

I sat down with a big piece of blanket paper
and listed all my loves, likes, inspirations, passions, curiosities,
I filled the empty canvas with words and scribble.
A process over days. It was every little thing.
I then grouped these under three words: HOME, HEART, ADVENTURE.
These three words guide my creativity, my voice, my day.
Whenever I feel lost, and start to drift, I row back to these words.
They are my anchor.
They are my why.
They are me.

It's the calm in the chaos of a messy, sometimes heart-wrenching, yet wonderful creative life.

Because sometimes our creativity becomes a tangled mess. We get caught up in the internal chatter and look outside ourselves for the answers.

We look at social media, recognition from our peers, and workshops that will give us the answers. Honestly, the real answers come from within.

It’s a process that is continuing, something that I work on daily, and if you would like to find your “you” then I’d love to help.


make the artist!


- online personal mentoring

- Access to a private Facebook group (just you and I) for two weeks.

- Find your why: Unravel your creativity and develop a defined list of inspirations. This list will help you to daily nourish your art and creativity.

- Clear the path: Understand what helps and hinders your creativity. Develop a strategy to focus on what helps you and a plan to avoid what hinders you as an artist.

- Unify your vision: We deep dive into your portfolio and compare the images that give you a creative buzz and those that you think others will like. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses to create a series of 20 images that are your very best work.

- Create art that is UNIQUE AND AUTHENTIC TO YOU: We then use this series to develop your signature style and celebrate your unique artistry. We make a plan to be authentic to your art and nurture that big, beautiful, and creative heart.

Have questions?

Let me send you a questionnaire to see if this is right for you. We will start a conversation that will pull pack the layers and get to core of your creative heart.

This is personalised one on one mentoring that focuses  on putting the you back into your art.

It is a boutique experience that will help your creativity soar.

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Image credit: Chloe Lodge

"I have begun to feel less swayed by trends, less influenced by the masses and although I look forward to having years of learning and growing still ahead of me I feel released and happier than I have in a long time with the way I see and translate the world into images. I now embrace sharing more as I feel I’m being honest with myself and not simply yearning for relatability and the award of that little red heart from those I’ve never met somewhere in the world scrolling through dozens of recently uploaded Instagram posts. Cindy quite simply helped me find the calm in my chaos, and for that I am truly grateful. " Chloe of Chloe Lodge Photographer

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