I am a Sydney lifestyle photographer, Mum, and a creative heart.  

I am obsessed with colour, collages, stories and

finding the calm in the chaos.

this is me..

Most days, you find me chasing my 5 kids, coffee in one hand and camera in the other. A smile on my face as I capture the beauty that I see in my ordinary life. I am a motherhood photographer, a still-life photographer, a lifestyle photographer. I like to colour outside the lines and put images together that don't usually go together.  I am storyteller, a book reader, and a cake baker. On most days, I am a beautiful mess. 


“She brings a camera everywhere, notices the little things,
gets a cup of coffee at a different cafe, takes the long way home”.
{I am Her. M.H.Clark}


Self Portrait of Sydney Photographer, Cindy Cavanagh

my style...

 It’s about connection and emotion and finding the calm in the chaos. I encourage laughter, hugs, kisses, tickles and jumping on the bed.  I promise I won’t make you look at the camera and pose. I will ask you simple questions and encourage you to connect with each other. The best feedback that I ever receive is that the kids had fun and want to do it again. 

Years from now, I want you to look at your portraits and remember when they were this little. I want you to see the beautiful Mum you are and see the overwhelming love you feel for your children. These are portraits to capture your whole-heart. 


5 things about me...

I am quiet person in a noisy family...

Home is my heart but I love to explore...

I love the sun on my back and a breeze on my face...and a coffee in my hand.

I love soft linens but really don't like ironing...

My ideal Sunday is to hike in the Australian bush with my family and then enjoy a long lunch on our verandah at home.